At B styled hair we value your business and ask that you respect our business.

Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of any cancellation, we quite often have a long list of clients waiting for an appointment. If we have sufficient notice, we can then offer it to one of our patiently waiting clients.

We understand that everyone/ life is busy, but please understand so are we (that’s a good thing for your hairdressers to be busy!) late cancellations or worse. No shows really hurt small businesses. There is a loss of revenue for the salon whilst wages still need to be paid for that time that was cancelled. This is why we will be charging a $50 late cancellation / No show fee.

At the very least, the main thing we ask is to communicate. If you wake up unwell or there is a genuine reason and unforeseen circumstance as to why you can not attend your appointment, please just let us know as soon as you can. We are real people here and totally understand sometimes life throws us curve balls that are unavoidable. Especially in the current given climate.

No Shows are non-negotiable and not acceptable.

Again, all we ask is for your communication xx

We respect your time so please respect ours, and arrive on time for your appointment as we are quite often booked back to back, please be mindful of our stylist’s and client’S time. Quite often a stylist will be running behind due to their last client arriving late for their appointment. And this is not fair to the rest of the clients as it throws the stylist’s day all out of sync. We have the right to cut your service short or cancel if you are later than 15 minutes for your appointment.


If you find something about your colour or cut that you simply do not love, please let one of our stylists know by calling the salon within 14 days after your appointment to schedule an adjustment. We really do want you to LOVE your hair and will do everything in our power to make that happen. A Re- Do adjustment is only available only after communication has been made within the 14 days after the original appointment. Any guarantee and re do is only valid if the hair has not been tampered with by yourself or another stylist. If the hair is not presented back to us at an adjustment appointment in its original state then the Re- Do adjustment is void.


At B styled Hair, we do not offer refunds. As stated in our Re-Dos section above, we will ask you to come back for an adjustment appointment. We want you to be happy and wish to be given the opportunity to ensure this! Communication is the key!


Please respect our stylists, there is zero-tolerance for anyone who shows any form of violent, rude or disrespectful behaviour or is making either staff or other clientele uncomfortable. We have the right to ask anyone to leave and not return. The staff and client’s safety and comfort are our number 1 priority. We can also refuse to do a service with a client if we believe the expectations can not be met or are unrealistic.


All our extensions & colour corrective services require a free consultation booking prior to the installation or colour correction service appointment. At this consultation appointment, you will be asked to pay 50% of the total service fee which will be pre quoted. This must be paid in full before booking the installation or colour correction appointment.


At B styled Hair we ask you to bring your sense of humour and open mind into our salon, we welcome anyone from any culture, race, age or vaccination status. It’s none of ours or anyone else’s business for that matter what you choose to do and how you live your life! We will NEVER judge you and only welcome you with love and light. All we ask is the same in return.